Shares and Nominations

Advising clients on the right stallion to cover their mare with is a key part of what Henrietta does. She has seen the majority of stallions at stud in England and Ireland, the advantage is, having attended and looked at a very large number of their progeny at the yearling and foal sales she can get a very good idea of what mares would suit a particular stallion, also to consider which stallions are commercial in Europe and in America.

This advice is FREE, as the owners of all stallions normally pay a commission to the agent for booking a nomination if their mare gets in foal and then produces a live foal. Henri also has an extensive list of stallion shareholders, which does potentially give her access to stallions that are fully booked and to nominations that can sometimes be bought cheaper. Buying and selling stallion shares and breeding rights are also possible.

Henri would be delighted to assist you both to select a stallion for your mare and book a nomination.